Eagle’s Wings Mission/Vision

The vision of Eagle’s Wings Global is to establish the Kingdom of God spiritually and physically.  To educate God’s people  so they can become mature strong Leaders in Christ who are effective in spiritual warfare, healing and deliverance.  Having received biblical instruction and  walk in freedom to exercise the gifts of the Holy Spirit; establishing a body of healthy believers

Believers to be rightly  aligned under Godly spiritual authority and empowered to reclaim all that Satan has taken, restoring all that God has promised to his followers

Believers to  fulfill the Lord’s mandate to be ‘salt’ and light to the world Believers to be fully equipped to evangelize non-believers and minister to other believer


Set Liberty to the Captives •Sound the alarm through preaching and teaching God’s Word, worship, prayer and intercession  for the sick and deliverance for those oppressed.

Revealing truth in Yeshua, Jesus Christ  by the power of the Holy Ghost in letting people see their own history in the light of God’s freedom and his will for justice

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